An Introduction To Reliability and Maintainability by Charles E. Ebeling

By Charles E. Ebeling

This useful and sleek method of reliability offers with center ideas, significant versions, and confirmed ideas. the pc software program packaged within the Instructor's handbook permits scholars to target options and research rather than tedius numerical calculations. correct to all departments of engineering, fairly commercial, this article presents an creation to chance and statistical options that's essential to help the improvement of reliability and maintainability techniques.

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This is helpful to enhance the electrochemical properties of LiFePO4/Li batteries because of an increase in the quantity of LiFePO4 particles that can be used. Among the various synthesis methods as mentioned above, the hydrothermal synthesis is a useful method to prepare fine particles, and has some advantages such as simple synthesis process, and low energy consumption, compared to high firing temperature and long firing time during solid-state reaction used conventionally. Although LiFePO4 possesses high stability, low cost and high compatibility with environment, it suffers from the limitations of poor electronic conductivity and slow Li-ion diffusion, and therefore operates unsatisfactorily at lower temperatures and/or higher current densities.

J. , 2008, 178, 801. [61] Yang, MR; Ke, WH; Wu, SH. J. , 2005, 146, 539. [62] Park, K; Kang, K; Lee, S; Kim, G; Park, Y; Kim, H. Mater. Res. , 2004, 39, 1803. [63] Arnold, A; Garche, J; Hemmer, R; Ströbele, Vogler, C; WohlfahrtMehrens, M. J. , 2003, 119-121, 247. [64] Ni, JF; Zhou, HH; Chen, JT; Zhang, XX. Mater. , 2005, 59, 2361. [65] Park, K; Son, J; Chung, H; Kim, S; Lee, C; Kim, H. Electrochem. , 2003, 5, 839. [66] Prosini, PP; Carewska, M; Scaccia, S; Wisniewski, P; Passerini, S; LiFePO4 Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries 27 Pasquali, M.

54]. Doped with trivalent metal ions, such as Al3+, Ga3+, and Cr3+, LiMnO2 could crystallize as a layered monoclinic phase (space group C2/m) by a simple solid-state reaction at 900-1000 °C under inert gas [47] [55] [56] [57] [58]. Although doping with Al or Ga improved the capacity retention of m-LiMnO2, mainly through slowing the rate of crystal transformation from a layered to a spinel structure, complete prevention of this crystal transformation was not observed (Figure 10b). However, if the material was doped with 3% Cr, a large improvement in capacity retention was observed, as shown in Figure 10c [47].

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