An Introduction to Gas Discharges by A. M. Howatson (Auth.)

By A. M. Howatson (Auth.)

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Recombination is a particularly important de-ionization process 32 AN INTRODUCTION TO GAS DISCHARGES o 2-51 1 a" 2-0 ^ \ \-o\ o B c / 0-5l·/ I / | & 1 1 ^ ^ " 1 u c 1 / -A \ I / 0 I | 300 | 600 Pressure, | torr 900 I 1200 FIG. 5. Recombination coefficient for air. at high pressures, for which diffusion is slow. 6). 4. ABSORPTION AND EMISSION OF RADIATION An excited atom may lose its potential energy of excitation in a collision of the second kind with another particle, but there is also a probability that the electron will fall back spontaneously into a lower orbit—not necessarily directly into the lowest—with the emission of a quantum of radiation, of frequency given by eqn.

Measurement of a for particular E and p can be made by 58 AN INTRODUCTION TO GAS DISCHARGES applying eqn. 1) to an experiment in which d is varied and i measured while /0, E and p are kept constant. Typical curves for oc/p in various gases are given in Fig. 7. The Townsend discharge can be used in practice as a means of detecting incident radiation, as in* the gas-filled photoelectric tube. In this case, the current-voltage characteristics are of the form shown in Fig. 6. The incident light determines the value of i0 and is hence the parameter which fixes a particular characteristic.

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