America Is Me: 170 Fresh Questions and Answers on Black by Kennell Jackson

By Kennell Jackson

Using a question-and-answer structure and organized chronologically via period, this readable, energetic learn examines hundred key features of African-American heritage and tradition, from slavery to the humanities, sciences, civil rights flow, and extra. journey.

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Are you born on a specific path? How do past generations relate to us? Major questions like these have preoccupied Africans. Films such as Living Gifts from Old Africa / 19 Mammy Water: In Search of the Water Spirits of Nigeria (1991) superbly illustrate just how seriously—and joyously—Africans approach religious matters. Mammy Water is a female river spirit, drawing all types of people to praise her and present offerings. She responds with help, encouragement, protection, and the righting of wrongs.

At one point, they were taking back to Portugal nearly one-tenth of the world’s gold supply from Africa. Some Portuguese were getting rich. They could see now the potential of Africa. At first, the Portuguese tried to advance their interest in slave trading by attacking and raiding local areas. After a few attacks, Africans began to offer vigorous resistance. Using small vessels suited for the coastal waters, Africans repelled the intrusions. Several Portuguese crews were killed. Clearly, another strategy had to be adopted.

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