Altered Humans - Prelude To The Pet Plague by Darrell Bain

By Darrell Bain

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Only Booger Bear seemed to be unaffected but he stayed close to Gary as they struggled through underbrush, vines and over and around fallen trees, the remnants of past hurricanes and tornadoes. Even the sounds were threatening since none of them were familiar with noises in the wilds made by unseen animals. "Wrong way,” Booger Bear said. Gary stopped, causing the others to do so too, as he was leading the way at the time. " Booger Bear gave the cat equivalent of a human shrug. “Just know. Wrong way.

It brought the realization that, while he might have a doctorate in genetics, other parts of his education were sadly lacking. He was like an upper class child suddenly dropped into a juvenile detention facility. Even though he had killed two men and wounded a third in the last two days, he felt as insecure as an otter suddenly transported to a sandy desert. Despite the assault on his senses, he had to stifle a yawn. The day's events were catching up to him. Maria unwillingly mimicked him. Gary reached up to remove his hat and get some of the breeze from overhead fans into his sweaty hair.

COTS had sprung from the advent of global warming. He didn't know what the exact tenants of the religion were, but he definitely remembered seeing the image of its Deity on a program, though the members of the cult never showed that much of their bodies in public. The image he had seen was a stylized depiction of the sun rendered into the figure of a shining nude female of more than generous proportions. He could only imagine what Lea must look like beneath her clothes. She finished binding her hair and knowing what he must be thinking, said “I'll let you look at me some other time.

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