Advanced MOS Device Physics by Norman G. Einspruch

By Norman G. Einspruch

Includes contributions from a dozen pros from the inner most zone and academia. Discusses a number of machine physics themes of specific curiosity to and collage researchers in electric engineering, machine technology, and digital fabrics. Emphasizes actual description, mode

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F. C. Hsu, P. K. Ko, S. Tarn, R. S. Muller, and C. Hu, An analytical breakdown model for short-channel MOSFETs. IEEE Trans. Electron Devices ED-29(11), 1735 (1982). F. C. Hsu, A simplified model for short-channel MOSFET characteristics in the breakdown mode. IEEE Trans. Electron Devices ED-30, 571-576 (1983). K. Mayaram, K. Lee, and C. Hu, A model for the electric field in Lightly D o p e d Drain structure. IEEE Trans. Electron Devices ED-34, 1509 (1987). K. W. Terrill, C. Hu, and P. K. Ko, An analytical model for the channel electric field in MOSFETs with graded-drain structures.

11, with a characteristic + + 2. Current Trends in MOS Process Integration 57 distance given by [12] d = i where ° [(01 a t n ,2a) 58 Alan G. Lewis and John Y. Chen gate A p- surface layer n- s u b s t r a t e Hole concentration :4-A : d ^ distance A Fig. 11. A' The origin of short-channel threshold shifts in buried-channel PMOS transistors. and N + and N - are the doping levels in the source/drain and surface channel regions, respectively, and the remaining symbols have their usual meaning. If the diffusion length is smaller than half the channel length, then the net effect is simply to increase the effective positive charge in the channel, thus making the device less enhancement mode.

K. Ko, and J. L. Moll, The effect of high fields on MOS device and circuit performance. IEEE Trans. Electron Devices ED-31(10), 1386 (1984). 33. M. C. Jeng, J. Chung, A. Wu, J. Moon, T. Y. Chan, G. May, P. K. Ko, and C. Hu, Performance and reliability of deep-submicron M O S F E T s . Tech. —Int. , p. 710 (1987). 34. S. Y. Chou and D. A. Antoniadias, Relationship between measured and intrinsic transcon­ ductance of FETs. IEEE Trans. Electron Devices ED-34, 448 (1987). 35. T. Toyabe et al, A numerical model of avalanche breakdown in MOSFETs.

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