100 Things You Should Know About Communism by John S. Wood (Chairman) Commitee on Un-American Activities

By John S. Wood (Chairman) Commitee on Un-American Activities

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Communists who showed any interest in religion were expelled and ruined . Priests and their families were made outcasts of society, refused jobs or food-ration cards, and forced to pay extra rent and taxes. Orthodox priests are allowed to marry, so the Government even took it out on their children by refusing them so much as a high school education . Non-Communists who stood by their religion lost their jobs and generally were shoved downhill by the full force of government . 45 . Was all this effective?

37 16. What about missionary work? Illegal . Forbidden . 17 . Could we print the sermons, church notes or news letters? Certainly not . Only atheistic views could be distributed and, of those, only such as the government would hand out in official form. Under Communism you wouldn't even be free to peddle your own brand of atheism-just the government's . 18. How about my church men's club, ladies' aid society, or young people's group? Out. There is no freedom of assembly under Communism. 19. What could my pastor do?

3. If Communism should conquer America, what would happen to the schools? Real education would stop . Only training would be allowed . 53 6. What's the difference? All the difference there is between freedom and jail . 7. What is "education"? People are "educated" when they learn to go after facts and to think for themselves . 8. What is "training"? People are "trained" when they learn how to do a particular thing well and can be depended on to do it. 9 . Which is better? " A man can very well improve himself by training in some specialty but only if he adds that training to independent thinking power, the hall-mark of education .

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